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For a fraction of the costs of other eCommerce systems, Aloak Catalog package lets you establish a secure and friendly site for selling online. Our package features the award winning Actinic Catalog Software.
Aloak Catalog Packages
  • Complete product or service catalog
  • Simple-to-use shopping cart format
  • Easy-to-set-up credit card transactions
  • Order processing and inventory management system
  • Template website design with 25 themes and 50 colour schemes


  • server set-up
  • EcomHost
  • domain registration
  • email
Aloak Catalog is easy to install and configure yourself (see: Getting Started With Version 6), or use Aloak's Catalog Configuration service.

* Additional Aloak options are available to increase the appeal and versatility of your site. Contact your Aloak Sales Consultant to discuss a website strategy that is compatible with Aloak Catalog.

Why Start Selling Online
1. Simplify the Buying Process for Customers
An online catalog gives your customers complete information about your products and services and a convenient way to place their order from anywhere.

    Keep it simple
  • Give all the important product or service details in one place
  • Make your shopping cart easy-to-use by putting it in a standard, recognizable format
  • Give customers a help-line with a "Contact Us" button on every page
2. Save Time and Money on Processing Orders
An online catalog lets customers serve themselves on basic order processes. This in turn will streamline order taking, accelerate sales processing and help to automate your inventory.

  • Provide order forms that are simple-to-use and calculate tax and shipping costs automatically
  • Set-up individual customer accounts for tracking orders online
  • Use backorder and inventory reports to ensure that you can always deliver
3. Expand Your Sales and Markets without Expanding Your Bricks and Mortar
With an online catalog, you can attract and sell to customers from anywhere in the world.

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Aloak Catalog Starting at $745
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